Analysis of dynamical processes in solids

Prof. Dr. Pavel Krejčí


The course is subdivided into 12 sessions:

1. Principles of continuum mechanics, elasticity, plasticity, viscosity.
2. Principles of thermodynamics, state variables, internal energy, free energy, entropy.
3. Phase transition problems, latent heat, balance equations.
4. Mathematical tools: Sobolev spaces, embeddings, interpolations.
5. Variational inequalities: Existence, uniqueness, regularity of solutions.
6. Hysteresis operators: Definition, properties, classification.
7.-8. Methods of solving systems of evolution partial differential equations with constraints.
9. Qualitative properties of solutions: Long time behavior, stability, periodicity.
10. Multifunctional materials: Magnetostriction, piezoelectricity, shape memory materials.
11. Solids in contact.
12. Applications: Magnetostrictive energy harvesting, material fatigue.

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