Extra Curricular Training Courses

The doctoral students at TUM will benefit from a large offer of extra curricular (transferable skills) training at the TUM Graduate School (TUM GS). Doctoral students will be able to choose from roughly 200 transferable skills courses that the TUM GS organizes in close collaboration with Carl von Linde-Akademie, TUM Gender Office, and Unternehmer-TUM GmbH. Up to three such courses are free of charge for doctoral students at TUM. The doctoral students at the UniBw will choose from similar seminars and training provided by the Zentralinstitut StudiumPlus of UniBw.

Graz is an internationally renowned center for studying German as a foreign language. The Treffpunkt Sprachen center for foreign languages offers German courses from beginners to advanced levels at reduced rates for students in international exchange and cooperation programs like the IGDK. Together with the existing doctoral college Discrete Mathematics at TUG and KFU a course on scientific communication will be offered where students receive a highly professional training in scientific presentation and communication techniques. Apart from this, the universities in Graz offer a wide choice of courses on general cultural and scientific subjects and sportive activities, which are open for Graz based and also for visiting students in the IGDK.

Gute wissenschafltiche Praxis



Ombudspeople for Academic Staff Members

Information about Ombudspeople for Academic Staff Members and their duties you can find here.

How to write a mathematical paper


  • Prof. Dr. Arieh Iserles (University of Cambridge): How to write Mathematics. 24.06. - 25.06.2014, LRZ Hörsaal 1 (H.E. 008) organized by the International School of Applied Mathematics (ISAM)

  • The English Coaching program of TUM Sprachenzentrum's English Department is a service exclusively for professors and doctoral students. The coaches are poised to edit papers with you ("Interactive Editing"), help you prepare presentations, or sit in on classes and later review with you how you might improve your English-language teaching. More information you find here.


  • How to Write a Paper by Prof. Dr. Arieh Iserles (University of Cambridge, Department of Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics).

Courses offered by the TUM Graduate School

Transferable skill courses offered by the TUM GS you can find here.

Courses offered by the Chair of Research and Science Management at the TUM

The Chair of Research and Science Management at the TUM offers an evidence-based, custom-tailored development program for senior and junior scientists. The courses are designed to provide the participants with concrete tools and techniques for academic leadership and effective research management. Furthermore, the courses give the opportunity to learn about best practice examples and discuss any challenges that might experience in daily work. The instructors are recognized experts and knowledgeable researchers of the Chair for Research and Science Management.
More information you find here.

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