Students' Workshop 2016

The IGDK Student's Workshop is organized for and by graduate students. Its main objective is to stimulate a discussion and an exchange of ideas among the students in the doctoral college. The idea is to bring together graduate students with different mathematical backgrounds to tackle an interesting problem, proposed by a group member. It is an opportunity to work in a highly motivated team on a mathematical problem and ideally to obtain some interesting new results by combining the different skill sets.

The main part of the workshop will be group work, tackling the questions posed in the respective proposal. The proposals are formulated, presented and gradually improved in the run-up to the workshop. At the beginning of the workshop there will be a short presentation of each group, outlining the topic to the whole plenum as a result of the preparation prior to the workshop. In the groups there will be presentation of key concepts by different participants. The rest of the organization is left to the single groups. At the end of the week the results of the group work will be presented to the plenum.

Furthermore a summary of the workshop and its results will be presented at the annual colloquium of the IGDK Munich-Graz.


The workshop will take place at Abtei Frauenwörth im Chiemsee on Frauenchiemsee, Germany, from September 19 to September 23, 2016.


Concept Authors
Seismic tomography Sebastian, Philip, Philipp, Sandro
Preconditioning Stokes Korbinian, Johannes H., Lukas
Measure control and pointwise observation Daniel, Johannes P., Sergejs
Low-rank in time Christian K., Lucas, Sören

Slides 18.07.2016 (General Information, Journal Club & Proposals)


The first thing will be a a plenary session with short overviews over the group project given by one person from each group.
Afterwards, the participants will be split up in the groups.
On the last day, each group will have ca. 30~45 minutes to present their findings plus time for discussion.

Day time slot activity
Sunday 18.09.   arrival in the location
Friday 23.09.   departure


First name Last name
Christian Kahle
Daniel Walter
Johannes Haubner
Johannes Pfefferer
Korbinian Singhammer
Lucas Bonifacius
Lukas Failer
Philip Trautmann
Philipp Jarde
Piotr Swierczynski
Sandro Belz
Sebastian Engel
Sergejs Rogovs
Sören Behr

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